18 October 2008

Vespa is Italian for wasp

Photo by Angelle 18/10/2008

Not much to blog about this past week. Neither of us have had much time to scoot. Simon made a short journey to Helensville on JC to run some errands during the week but that was the only ride.
Angelle has been in New Zealand's "Art Deco City" Napier since Sunday - just arrived back last night, Friday, around 8:30pm. There weren't many scooters to take note of in Napier; Angelle only saw one Chinese 50cc retro styled scoot at one of the sites where she was working. With the gorgeous weather and scenery in Napier you would expect to see some scoots zooming around, so this was surprising. Hopefully the two of us can get to Napier with our scooters sometime this summer to rip around and get some stories and photos for you all.

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