29 September 2008

First "real" ride

Recently we purchased a Vespa 150cc ET8 (in other markets ET4) scooter. We got it as a bit of bargain as it had been in an accident when it was nearly new and hadn't been repaired to make it road legal since. The damage was fairly minor and we were able, with Simon's garage handiness, to repair it to the standards required to pass the Warrant of Fitness and Registration checks here in NZ. The ET8 is a welcome (RIDABLE) addition to our collection of vintage scooters, none of which are able to be legally ridden at present.
So, after having the scooter for a little while in order to work on it and having taken it only down the road on very short jaunts, we were able to take it on it's first "real" ride. We live in the country and the first road you come to has a speed limit of 100km/h which is why we needed the 150cc engine at the least. For our ride, we turned right from our private road and continued about 20km to Shelly Beach. As there is only one scooter at the moment and two of us, we were riding 2up with Simon as the pilot (not an uncommon role for him since he also flies planes...). The road to Shelly Beach is winding and there was a fair amount of traffic while we were out. We easily made 80-90kms and got up to 100kms at times. There were several approving looks and hoots from children as we passed which is always fun. All in all, it was an enjoyable first ride to the beach and back. We plan to do it often this summer!

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