26 October 2008

Best intentions

The weeks have been rushing quickly past. Our best intentions of getting out on the scooters and blogging about it thwarted by weather and work. It is spring in New Zealand and it has been rainy and windy here lately. The rain is great for the gardens, but not so much for fair-weather scooterists. While some people may think traveling for their job is a perk, Angelle tends to disagree as it takes her away from her favorite things. Simon's not having to travel at all for work (by this we mean living on the same property you work from) can also have it's disadvantages in that people expect him to be available any time they need him.
Yesterday we did manage a jaunt to Helensville between rain showers to return a library book. On the way back, zipped around some of the residential streets of Helensville and stopped by "Not An Ordinary Junk Shop" (it truly isn't an ordinary junk shop in that they don't seem to actually want to sell anything...). The guy at the shop came out and had a yarn about the Vespas he used to ride in the 60's and 70's and then he went off on a tangent about a guy in Rotorua who had a huge garage filled with Bajaj parts. Our last stop on the way home was at the local park where a small Hot Rod show was taking place. We hadn't known about the show beforehand so it was a nice surprise even if we were just seeing the tail end of everything. Simon's favorite car was a grey 1949 Coupe Cadillac and Angelle reckoned she'd still rather drive around in a new or vintage Bambina!

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Anonymous said...

Well it's been some time since I checked out your blog, and it is nice to see the effort you put into it. I can tell that you really enjoy would you call it the sport of scooting? And I really enjoy reading about your adventures and looking at the pictures that you post. Just one more way for me to keep up on the everyday lives of my favorite people:)