30 December 2008

Holiday Interlude

It's that time of year. That little week between Christmas and the new year where you tidy things up, eat leftovers, relish your favorite gifts, and go out to the sales to snag those things Santa forgot.

And sometimes, it's the week when wayward postal items find their way to you. Like today when we received a gift sent from a friend in Australia. A travel journal with this cover:
Now for that trip to Europe so we can properly use it!

PS - not sure where you can find this journal at the moment as on the online shops seem to be out of stock.

23 December 2008

Santa Rides a Vespa

Merry Christmas from Simon and Angelle!

14 December 2008

From the archives

Recently, we told you Simon had a visit from an aquaintance called Chris who has a Maico. Chris was kind enough to send us some old photos so we thought we'd share!

This Maico raced on Murawai beach in a 1/4 mile sprint. It took the 250cc trophy against motorbikes! Probably mid-60s when this photo was taken. The rider is wearing a very classy combination of socks with sandals and what looks to be a horse riding helmet or perhaps hardhat.

Chris' brother in law going down One Tree Hill in Auckland. The front end of that bike is in Chris' current Maico.

This guy used to race in Wellington in the early 60's. That thing strapped to his back is a petrol tank! YIKES!!

11 December 2008

The Caged Bird Still Sings

And why not when the cage looks like this:

So, Simon's mother has a late 90's model SLK that currently resides in our driveway. It's a nice alternative to the scooters when the weather's not quite right or you're picking something up that's just a bit too big for the underseat compartment!

01 December 2008

Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave

On the last Saturday of the month, we went for a nice ride. Down to Waimauku Food Station to eat pancakes, up the back way to Simon's parent's Orewa Beach house, then over to Albany Mega Centre via the Motorway for some shopping, then back towards home. Around...120kms. Whew! All in a day's ride :)

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