05 October 2008

The A-Z of Classic Scooters

We got our hands on a copy of this book several months ago. It really is a comprehensive guide to "all" makes and models of classic scooter. There are over 300 scooters listed with many one-offs that you are not likely to have heard of before. The journey through the book is alphabetical and the photographs are wonderful. We noticed some irregularities in the grammar and a tendency towards bitterness for American, English and German bikes but put that down to the fact that the author is French. We enjoyed this book as much for the eye candy photos as for the writing and would recommend it to anyone interested in the inception of scooters and classic scooters. You are sure to find a copy on http://www.amazon.com :)


Paul said...

That looks like a neat book. I'll have to check out Amazon.com to see if i can find my own copy.

Oh, I added your blog to the links on my own. I see that you're in New Zealand, so it makes my links more global now! HAHA! Welcome to the world of scooter blogging!

You're welcome to check out http://scootinfool.blogspot.com if you're interested.

Angelle said...

Thanks for your comments Paul, we will check out your blog too :)