04 October 2008

New Addition and Back to the Beach

Both of us love scooters. That much is obvious. We started collecting them soon after we got together starting with Simon's dad's old Maicoletta that we rescued from the garden shed. Shortly after we snapped up a vintage Triumph Tigress but decided it wasn't for us and sold it very quickly. The Tigress ended up being replaced by a bin of parts to produce another Maicoletta. We then bought a pair of vintage Vespa Supers that had been imported from Bali (we think...), one in a creamy white that was dubbed "The Colonel" and the other in robin's egg blue. All these vintage and classic scooters are amazing and we loved them all. But alas, none of them were road legal. We decided we needed some scooters that we could ride. The Colonel was listed on trademe and we started looking. We bought the blue ET8 you all met in our last post and fixed it up and found out how great it is to ride without any pomp, circumstance, or hassle. We decided we definately needed another.
The second ET8 showed up just this week. We bought it from a lovely die hard Christian lady named Karen who had taken wonderful care of it. Despite the relatively high milage, the scooter is in great mechanical and body condition and totally warranted and registered.

There was a bit of what Karen called "sign writing" on the bike as you can see. One side pod directing you to read Galatians 2:20 and the other displaying the phrase "Jesus Wept". The top box was also covered in various religious bumper stickers. Since we will probably go with a different theme for any stickers or "sign writing" on the bike, Simon carefully removed the wording from the body and took off the top box which is to be replaced with a chrome rack matching the other bike. To honour where the bike has come from, we are for the moment calling it "JC".
Once we had some spare time, we decided to go out for a ride with both bikes. We went back to Shelley Beach since it was such a lovely ride last time and because we wanted to get some of the really awesome avacados that come from an orchard out that way.

Ready to Ride

View of Shelley Beach from a Vespa

Simon on his new scooter

Scenic shot of Simon and JC

Angelle with the bikes at Shelley Beach Store


Paul said...

Wow. Those are a very nice pair of scooters.

That's an interesting reference to put on the side of a vehicle...I suppose it must have meant something to the previous owner.

Paul said...

oh, nm, i get it now, it's Galatians 2:20, not 2:2. I went and read Gal. 2:2 and said to myself, well, that's a rather wierd verse to put on the side of a scooter. LOL

Angelle said...

Thanks, we love our new pair of scoots! Yes, Galatians 2:20. The previous owner as we said was quite religious and felt the need to tell others through the signwriting on her scooter.