28 November 2008

Now there's something you don't see everyday...

Last Saturday, Simon had the pleasure of having an aquaintace named Chris, from Rotorua, up and going for a quick ride. The real pleasure in this visit was seeing Chris' restored Maicoletta and knowing there's hope for the 2 we store in our garage after all!
Unfortunately, no photos of Chris' Maico with our Vespas, or of the ride, but here are several of our Maicos next to his. Hopefully next time he comes to visit, ours will be looking a little more respectable.

For those of you who are wondering what the heck a Maicoletta is, here is a quote from "The A-Z of Classic Scooters" which we blogged about here.
In 1955, the firm [Maico] brought out a real scooter, the Maicoletta, just as heavy and cumbersome, with a two-stroke, 175cc or 250cc engine with four speeds, a tubular frame, 14-inch wheels, telescopic front and swingarm rear suspension, a flat footwell, moving front mudguard and lift-up rear body. The very full equipment included an electric starter, double seat, break light, dashboard with a speedometer, clock, steering damper, and bag hook. Below the dash was a glove compartment with an anti-theft lock. [It was also] produced in a 277cc version more appropriate for use with a sidecar. ... The Maicoletta, according to it's publicity, 'feared no hill' and, better still, 'when it is fitted with a sidecar, the whole family can go on holiday'.

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