23 October 2009

Back after a long hiatus to support Bikers Against ACC Levies

Well, it's the spring season here in New Zealand it could be time to get back on the scooters. Neither of us has ridden much over the winter as we are fair-weather riders and Angelle has been occupied with the very important task of growing our baby girl who arrived on 14/10/09. Hopefully that explains the long hiatus.
We've been talking about getting back on the scoots lately and Angelle's ET has been getting a minute makeover which will be unveiled once everything is put back in place. One thing we must do before getting back on our scooters is get them "legal" again.
In NZ, you are required to have your vehicle registered and warranted as safe. Recently, it was announced that the cost of registration for motorcycles and scooters over 50cc was to be increased. The increased announced is overly dramatic and not appreciated by motorcyclists the country over. We were recently passed this link by Clunk S.C. on Facebook. If you are a motorcycle or scooter riding New Zealander and haven't yet become involved in any action against the planned ACC levy hike, please visit Bikers Against ACC Levies and see what you can do - many of the actions require very little effort.

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