10 January 2009

Welcome to 2009

After a nice beginning to the New Year and getting back to work for the past week, we are finally back. Today we went for a scoot up toward South Head to MacNut Farms for breakfast. There is a small cafe there and the food is decent. The service is only so-so as the people working there aren't really friendly and somehow make you feel as if you're inconveniencing them by patronizing their restaurant. The real reason to go here is for the view. We sat out on the deck which overlooks a large pond to the left, another smaller Lily pond to the right and a manicured garden leading off to a walk through the macadamia orchard. Sorry, no photos...D'OH!

In other news, Simon's brother Tim is looking for a scooter after being inspired by ours. He's very interested in getting a Vespa and came out for a jaunt on ours. At the moment, the market for them here in NZ is pretty competative and the prices have risen since we snapped up ours. Hopefully one of these days, we'll be able to post about a ride that we've taken with him and share his buying experience with you all.

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